But my Hair is Not my Own!

A common refrain from the head-shaving proponents among us sounds something like this:

“But my hair is not my own, it HAS to be shaved off!”

While there may be validity to part of this statement the conclusion is rash and ill-conceived.

Take a look around you.

No one’s making a dent in this disease by engaging in what is ultimately an unsustainable and potentially harmful practice….a practice that drives this pathogen into deeper, darker, and more dangerous terrain. If Morgellons can alter DNA and effectively hijack your hair, what makes you think it will stop there?

My hair was behaving in stereotypical Medusian fashion, attempting to slither its’ way into my eyes and ears, keeping me up all night, and generally making my life a living hell. A regimen of clay and essential oils has prevented Medusa from doing her worst, but I’m under no delusions. She will return in full, unbridled regalia if I let my guard down.

I’ve observed health concerns of a far more serious nature echoed from the shaven than those who’ve taken measures to maintain their head of hair. The bald are generally sicker than their haired counterparts, so why would I follow their lead? I’m not going to take advice from those who appear from both their own images and personal testaments to be far worse off than I…. and only getting sicker.

I’m going to keep my hair.


2 thoughts on “But my Hair is Not my Own!

  1. Agreed keep the hair. When I first became aware of how infected I was and the weirdness with all the hair on my body it exploded much worse. My hairs had little white/clear fibers growing out of the ends and many also had fibers coiled up around the hairs. Naturally I figured erroneously that removal of the hair would stop it in it’s tracks and allow me to cleanse myself. Boy was I wrong. Until I shaved my head and all my body hair the symptoms were confined to below my knees, below my elbows and on my scalp. After shaving I noticed within an hour of drying off I had painful itchy outbreaks of those all too familiar red spots all up my arms and along my shoulders, up my chest and back and all over my face. Then a day or two later the black specks and other strange objects along with stinging itching sensations started and I began to really freak out. It got so bad on my face I was forced to breathe through a straw to avoid inhaling morg particles and fibers constantly. At night I could not sleep with a straw in my mouth so I used medical tape to cover my lips and surrounding skin. I went to A&E thinking surely they would see how much junk was coming out of my skin only to be refused an examination by two doctors, told I was delusional and then coerced to take anti psychotics which I vehemently refused. Now I can’t even see my GP as I have delusions of parasitosis on my permanent record. This was a year ago. I’m still infected and there is no area uninfected on my body now. The only relief I get is to physically extract the morg junk from itchy stinging locations. At first I was bearing the pain and then removing the morg junk with a sticky roller as it emerged. I could feel hard lumps under the skin and the stinging sensations were getting more and more common. I started to feel strange static electricity sensations on the stinging sites. When one area started up it was like they all started up and my skin was humming with intense sensations constantly. It got so bad I could not even sleep. Then one day I got angry and literally started ripping chunks out of my flesh where the sensations were. The more I did it the more I noticed it was easing my pain and extracting the strange morg junk under the skin. Over the last few months I’ve been perfecting it so that I can extract the material while causing as little trauma as possible. It’s clear it regenerates after extraction but I think if I keep it up I may be able to pick it out quicker than it can regenerate. Some areas are problem areas that regenerate quicker like my wrists, scrotum, anus, scalp crown, inside sides of feet and upper shins. You should email me so we can talk more.


  2. I cut my hair much shorter, as it was simply thinning out and tangling quickly (you know how it gets). Keep the hair, unless you can’t maintain it, due to illness. This stuff will get anywhere, and it does. I’m so sad and sorry we are left to fight alone, without MDs. I can’t believe how unmodern modern medicine is. It’s (almost) scarier than the disease.


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